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Pure Life Synergy came about with the desire to see people get well! Each formulation was created for a specific need in mind, yet will also work on multiple problems at the same time.  Many of the herbs are adaptogenic meaning that if the body needs it, it will go to work on specific bodily needs. 

We sell only high quality herbs with powerful and synergistic combinations that go to work aiding your body systems in their ability to bring healing to you. I believe that we were created with a self-healing body that is torn down by dietary and physical abuse.  Our Amazon Rainforest Herbal Blends are truly an answer for you!  Coming Soon.. Childrens liquid herbs and also, healing salves.

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Thank you for checking out our store! We truly love to help people! You are special and God made and we will treat you with respect.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia CambogiaDr. Oz described Garcinia Cambogia as; “The Holy Grail of Weight Lo...

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Para Fungal is a unique blend of plants, barks, and herbs that grow in the Amazon ra...

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Yes, Herbs!  Very logical title for this blog, don't you think?  I have been using herbs for a few decades now.  One of the first herbs I used was Valerian Root.  My baby boy was having seizures left and right after his baby shots and I was a wreck!  The sky did not look blue anymore and the grass did not look green.  My nerves were shattered as you can only imagine.

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Pro Flora 50 Billion

ProbioticsThe word probiotic means for life, but in the context of colon health, pro...

Details $ 29.95

Regenerate R

Regenerate R Joint and cartilage issues are very painful and deibilitating. Athletic...

Details $ 29.95

Stone Buster

Stone BusterStone Buster is a proprietary blend of seven rainforest plants. The main...

Details $ 30.00

Stress Less

Stress LessChronic stress is becoming a public health crisis. Panic attacks, sleep d...

Details $ 29.95

Thyroid Balance

Thyroid Balance Some 27 million people have thyroid disease, and that number is on t...

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Ultimate Superfood

Ultimate Superfood is a blend of: Moringa Oleifera...a powerhouse of anti-oxidants,...

Details $ 34.95

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