Stress Less

Stress Less
Chronic stress is becoming a public health crisis. Panic attacks, sleep disorders, depression, weight gain, hypertension, and migraine headaches are just some of the issues that may be caused by stress. Anxiety, worry, impaired memory, moodiness, rapid heart beat, irritability, loss of sex drive, alcohol and drug abuse are more signs of excessive stress. Stress Less is an all natural herbal blend that that was designed to address issues related to stress. Stress Less can have a calming effect with a sense of well being.
Listed below are the herbal ingredients and their reported health benefits...

Passion Flower ( vine, leaves, stem)
* relieves pain, reduces anxiety, relieves depression.
* calms nerves and is mildly sedative.

Amor Seco ( leaves)
* reduces pain, fights allergies, fights asthma.
* reduces spasms, relaxes muscles.

Graviola ( leaves, seeds, bark, root)
* dilates blood vessels, reduces blood pressure.
* lowers heart rate, sedates, relieves depression.

Iporuru ( leaves, bark, root )
* relieves pain, reduces inflammation, increases libido.

Manaca ( leaves, root, bark )
* reduces inflammation, relieves pain, detoxifies blood.
* depresses CNS, mildly sedative, increases urination.

Mulungu ( bark, root )
* reduces anxiety, calms nerves, moderately sedative.

Tayuya ( root )
* reduces stress, relieves pain, reduces inflammation.

Vassourinha ( leaves, bark, roots )
* reduces spasms, relieves pain, reduces blood pressure.

Do not take if pregnant or nursing, on blood thinning medication, or allergic to aspirin.

100 capsules
$ 29.95

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